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Maitland Auto Preservation Society


Phone: (08)88373126/88537191




PO Box 86


Meetings on the first Thursday of the month, except January. at the Chatt Centre, Robert Street, Maitland, at 8.00 PM 

If you are interested in historic vehicles, you may be interested in hearing that the Club that was formed in 1985 and has over 200 members throughout the Yorke Peninsula and Copper Coast areas, as well as a number of other areas. Enthusiasts from Ardrossan form a good percentage of the membership.

Collectively we own a wide selection of interesting cars and motorcycles dating from the 1920's to the 1990's, totalling over 150 vehicles.These include cars made in Australia, USA, Britain, Europe and Japan.

For vehicles over 30 years old, there is scheme that, subject to certain conditions, provides concessions on registration costs. Club membership cost is currently $30 per annum. plus a small joining fee to cover badges.

We have monthly meetings in the Chatt Old Centre, Maitland Town  Hall, Robert Street, Maitland, on the first Thursday
of each month except January. Visitors are most welcome and we often have guest speakers on a wide range of subjects.

We try to ensure that our cars are used regularly, both on the runs organized by our ownclub and neighbouring enthusiasts. News of such events is given by way of our monthly newsletter, the MAPS Review.

For more details, contact President, Trevor Clerke  on 08 88 537 191 or Secreary, Joen Ingram 08 88 373 126




Trying to find one person who has a full recollection of the Club from its outset was a hard task. Therefore, I have combined some of what founder member, Bob Landt recalled for the 20th birthday and added it to a précis of what I have found in the records, or can recall personally over the last 10 years. At least I can claim to be the first overseas member of MAPS, back in 2000!

Of course any club goes through cycles of growth, consolidation and sometimes decline. I have been fortunate enough to be a member during which some remarkable growth has taken place. 


Adapted from the files provided by Bob Landt, here are a few happenings at MAPS in the five years from 1985 until 1990

3rd March 1985: Bob Landt called a meeting of interested persons who had shown interest in the formation of a vintage car club and museum on the Yorke Peninsula. Those attending were: Ron Briggs, Alvin Atkinson, Len Gersch, , Ken Heinrich, Gilbert Gay, Bob Landt, Gordon Dutschke and Eugene Darmody.  Ken, Bob & Eugene are still current members of MAPS as is Life Member  Lois Briggs..

 March 1985: A public meeting was called at the Old Council Chambers, Robert Street, Maitland to establish a vintage car club. It was moved that a club be formed to encourage an interest in automotive history. Ron Briggs was elected President and Bob Landt, Secretary/ Treasurer.

August 1985: Objectives were accepted and the remaining committee elected. Vice President: Ken Heinrich, Public Relations: Ross Reid. Committee members: Gilbert Gay, Harold Heard and Gordon Dutschke.

September 1985: Other clubs and organisations were advised of the Club's formation, to be known as the

  • Maitland Auto Preservation Society". Fourteen members were now listed. The members were: Ken Heinrich, David Qualman, Gordon Dutschke, Eugene Darmody, Paul Everard, Howard Heard, Steve Southwood, Ross Reid, Ron Briggs, Gilbert Gay, Ian Bousfield, Russel Drewer, Alan Watson and Bob Landt.

November 1985: The first official club run was for the Maitland Trade Fair street parade.

February 1986: A Programme Committee was formed to co-ordinate club events. A Museum Committee was formed, consisting of Eugene Darmody, Chairperson, Ron Briggs, Bob Landt and Harold Heard. 6th March 1986: Attendance book established.

May 1986: Constitution accepted by members and moved that corporation proceed.

August 1986: Twenty six financial members.

September 1986: First reply from the Council regarding possible use of the Gardner Street Depot as an auto museum. Incorporation attained.

July 1987: Achievement award system established to encourage members to attend meetings, contribute magazine articles and restore vehicles. 

June 1988: Voted to rent the RSL Hall Billiard Room as a club rooms from the Council. 15th June 1988: Club magazine named the "Maps Review". 

 May 1990: Third Swap Meet at Maitland Show Grounds. 

The early 1990's were marked by a number of events, the first being the Museum project being set up as a separate entity.

Work continued on the Museum, with it  being handed over to the Maitland Progress Association in 2003. It has become a major venue for the town's craft markets and forms a valuable part of the "Heart of Maitland" complex.   

The club continued to prosper and increase in both membership numbers and in the range of events offered.  No record of the Club's history would be complete without due mention of the Briggs family for the efforts by them during the first half of this decade. As Secretary, Jackie Briggs set an example that was hard to follow. Many of the events featured today, such as campouts, meet ups with other clubs and longer runs were part of the calendar during this time. 

The later 1990's were to see the changes to the Historic Registration Scheme, thus providing more freedom to those with old cars. Car club membership became a necessity for the concessional registration. 

However, it brought with it the challenges as to how to deal with those simply wishing only to gain the advantages of the scheme, rather than join the clubs for other benefits. 

The club consolidated its position, but the use of the old RSL building required fund raising and working bees to pay for the maintenance. Hire and use of the hall to other groups was not without its problems and the service provided by Leith Illman in acting as hall caretaker during this time should be acknowledged. With no swap meet as a revenue earner, the club also gained income from catering at various craft fairs in the area. The Blythman family of Don, Shirley daughter-in law  Trisha were major contributors to this aspect of the club. 

THE NEW MILLENIUM dawned with the Club in the old RSL building with about 80 members until-

2002  when General Meetings relocated to the Old Archives Office in Maitland Town Hall, enabling the Chatt Centre to be set as a major community benefit. Steven Griffiths, then CEO of the DCYP brokered this deal with the Club. 

2003 AUG - MAPS Review appears with new format.. 

2004 Work begins on creating an updated constitution 

2004 Rex Fox Bequest of  three trucks and three motorcycles 

2005 JULY- Options for Rex Fox items given to members 

2007 APRIL-  Testing of new MAPS web site commences. 

2008 Membership continues to increase. Additional chairs only partially solve the accommodation issues . 

2008 OCTOBER - Guest speaker, Don Loffler attracts record audience of 55, with Chatt Centre used as venue. 

2009 FEBRUARY- the first meeting of the new year sees a very hot night and crowded club room, so in 2009 MARCH- General Meetings move to the Chatt Centre due to larger numbers, air conditioning and safety. 

Clare campout- well supported. 

2009 APRIL - Club hosts events on first and second days of the Federation, "Meet the Clubs Tour" 

2009 SEPTEMBER - Club hosts highly popular Cruising Classics morning tea at Kulpara. OCTOBER New gazebo in use at Kadina & Edithburgh Show'n Shines 

2010 Two campouts at Corny Point and Kapunda; both highly successful. Joint events with various clubs and we hosted another Cruising Classics event in 2011.. 

2010 AUGUST- MAPS members, the Wood family host a visit by the SCCSA Veteran section. 

And so with 2010 passed, it was our Club's  25th birthday when we had a lot to celebrate, both as regards what had happened in the past and what the future offers.

2011 Our membership now stands at over  one hundred couples and about ten solo members, so we have more than doubled in size over the last  eight years. However, it's not simply a numbers game.  In late 2011 we sold the three motorcycles left to us by the late Rex Fox. One has returned to the family of anorigiginal owner- a great outcome. Two of the trucks left to us have been restored and form part of collection in Adelaide.

Obviously, the conditions of the Conditional Historic Registration Scheme have proved to be an incentive for owners of older cars to join a recognized vehicle club, but the attendance at meetings and events has grown in terms of a percentage of members. Our first campout of the new millennium saw just six people at Melrose, but now our trips see thirty or forty take some part in such adventures away.  The ball started rolling with the Port Germein venue. Since then, we have included Pt Rickaby, Corny Point, Coobowie, Clare, Kapunda,  plus again Melrose  with six times the number of our earlier trip. 

We have attracted a lot of new members from the Copper Triangle area, plus others from across the coast in the Ardrossan area. 

Despite the distances involved, we have also seen an encouraging increases from areas south of Maitland, thus justifying our Club as being the Classic Motor Vehicle Club of the Yorke Peninsula 

As well as activities involving our own members, we have shared events with our neighbouring clubs, NARC, PADARC and the Gawler VVCMC. We have also enjoyed joint events with the Chrysler Restorers Club SA, the Jaguar Club, Hillman Car Club of SA, the Jowett Club, Morris Register of SA and the Austin 7 Club SA. 

A few facts about the Club today in 2012;  

Current membership is 100 subscriptions; mainly couples, some with children of school age, so our total tally is a little overr 200 members. 

Over a third of our members live in the Copper Triangle. Ardrossan has 15% of the members, capping Maitland district's 12%. The southern YP is home to over 15% of the current membership. We have members in Adelaide,  the Mid North, the NT and Outback. Our general meetings regularly attract 25% of our membership. 

The future? 

Will our interest in vehicles powered by the internal combustion engine be threatened by legislation as to emissions, or perhaps the demise of  petrol as a readily available fuel? Will we see us having to purchase petrol in glass containers from the chemist, as did our ancestors 100 years ago? Perhaps we will become like that devoted band of steam traction enthusiasts, in that we can only use vehicles on private land? Maybe, we'll have to plant so many trees as part of a carbon tax trading scheme, devised by politicians worldwide. 

However, don't let us get us too depressed about it, so perhaps  we should enjoy our vehicles while we can!  

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